Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Do It Update
Hi everyone,
I first off wanted to thank you all for supporting me throughout all of this. Do It, is currently on hold but not for too long. Do It was originally scheduled for release in May of next year. Now Do It is scheduled for next October, a year from now.
I will still keep you all updated on what’s happening in pre production. I will also announce castings, and other opportunities on the Facebook Do It like page. Also the Go Fund Me page will still be up as well accepting donations. Our budget is $5,000 and we really need your help in order to do this.
I really appreciate all of you and all of your kind words, support, thoughts, and prayers. Yes my life has taken a huge turn, but that’s not going to stop me. My mom’s battle against cancer is the hardest thing I’ve dealt with so far. Therefore I’m taking time to be with her.
Hard times just mean I have to work harder. And that’s what I’ve chosen to do. While still in school, working, and writing, I will still be working on Do It. So don’t forget about Do It, and help me get Do It made! Thank you again.

The Only Thing To Fear.

Help get Do It made!