Thursday, October 9, 2014

Horror Critics
Before a horror writer, and director, I am a horror fan. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember, thanks to my grandfather and mother. However I started writing horror three years ago, and directing horror two. As a fan, and someone in the horror film industry I find myself reading an immense amount of horror film reviews from critics all over. Some simply refer to the genre as a joke, or gaudy, while others harshly criticize the genre, as if they were personally offended.

It’s not required to be in love with the genre you are critiquing; however to at least have a respect for the genre is extremely necessary. Talking down on the film or genre doesn’t make you look like a better writer. If anything it makes the reader question your perspective as a film critic. Which is the complete opposite of what the critic should be providing.

Now I know a lot of people rather see the film themselves before judging anything. However the critic is supposed to give a trusted opinion of the film. And how is the reader supposed to trust you when your objective is to slander the genre? If your mind is already set on not liking something, why even try? The point of a review, biased or not should give a short synopsis, your opinion on the film, and why.

The pattern lately has been to harshly critique something we dislike, or have little knowledge about. Horror alone is critiqued way harsher than most genres of film. I honestly can’t tell if the expectations are set too high for horror, or if this is their way of trying to get rid of the genre and its hype.

No, I’m not a delusional fan. I am aware that a lot of horrors released these days have nothing on classic horror, the original slashers, and horror franchises. However there are a lot of new techniques, and styles that have developed over the years in horror. It’s quite impressive where the genre has taken off. I do believe the genre will revert and transition over to the classier slashers that were ideal in the 80s. 

Calling out every mistake, every bad line of dialogue, every continuity error will not do anything to or for the movie. If anything it’s going to make the horror fans react harder towards the negativity. Horror is not going anywhere anytime soon. They’ve been trying to predict when the genre will die out. They’ve claimed years ago the genre was dead, and that there was no reviving it. However the fans are keeping horror alive. Horror is a genre that needs existence because it’s a natural human craving to want to be terrified.

The next time you even begin to bash a horror film, analyze your thoughts, and mind set first. What was your expectation of the film? What exactly did you not like? Was it the writing, characters, or any technical aspects of the film? If you can’t directly answer those questions clearly, please do not claim to write and publish a review that simply highlights your negative attitude towards the film for whatever reason.

The Only Thing To Fear