Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Horror Nights 2014
       As you all know, I go to Horror Nights every year. To be extremely honest, I was a little apprehensive this year because initially I didn’t see anything new, or different from last year. However, I still bought my ticket, and I was ready for whatever Universal was willing to throw my way.
       Entering the park was like entering The Purge, literally. Carrying chainsaws, and banging on trashcans, the people of the purge were wild. The first thing I experienced there was the Terror Tram. The Terror Tram didn’t change much this year, if any at all. However the scare actors from the tram were really into it.  Which literally got me hype. Anyone passionate about horror from any aspect makes me happy.
       The first maze I went into was The American Werewolf In London maze. It was really terrifying and the actual werewolves were so massive, I definitely was not expecting them. The next maze was the Clown 3D maze. I enjoyed this maze even though I myself was so scared. I liked this maze because it was 3D, so it was extremely trippy. You couldn’t tell what was real, or where you were going. It was quite intense. The next maze was the Dusk Till Dawn maze. The gross factor of this maze was pretty rad. Some scenes in the maze were even hard to look at.
       The Walking Dead maze was unexpectedly similar to last year’s Walking Dead maze. However like the Terror Tram, the scare actors were really passionate about their scares. The walkers pushed every boundary they absolutely could, making the maze worth it. The AVP maze was the only thing I originally went for. I’ve heard all the reviews, and even followed the HHN Twitter page for updates on the making of this maze. The first scene within the maze was tense. As you moved along through the maze, it’s evident the amount of work, and detail put into the props, set, and animatronics of the maze. The last animatronic in particular was so impressive, I legit stood there shrieking. I could not believe my eyes. It was so massive I was emotionally moved. Finally to close the night was the chainsaw chase out. It was really loud, yet entertaining. Watching others literally lose control over fear was great.
       Even though Horror Nights was similar to previous years, I still had an awesome time. To literally be in the middle and surrounded by horror is what I love, and live for. My heart was pounding so hard, and not from fear but with love and passion. Fear. That’s my goal, to create fear, to traumatize, and to create a frightful experience for millions around the world. It’s all I crave; it’s all I want.

The Only Thing To Fear