Thursday, August 14, 2014

Do It
Hi you guys!

I really am excited to share with you all the details of my new short film “Do It”. It’s about a man who wants to change the world, and creates mayhem instead. I was inspired by the conspiracy of the government experimenting new drugs on society. And the fact that the government has a plan specifically for “unidentifiable subjects”, was eye opening for me.

“Do It”, will be the fist film I am producing, writing, and directing. Since graduating film school, I’ve been so eager to get shooting my own horror film. Auditions and castings for the film will be posted on the “Do It”, like page on Facebook. Please come and be in the film! I would love to have you in “Do It”.

I personally do horror for my grandfather. I know now he’s looking don on me proud of everything I’m doing. He got me into horror, and had me writing ghost stories at a young age. He started it all for me. However, it wasn’t until later that I finally realized making horror films is what I’m here for.

My second reason may seem strange, but bare with me. The horror icons w3e all love to watch and cheer on never die. They literally go through hell and back, and won’t die. Call me crazy, but to never stop is always inspiring, and it’s a different way to look at horror.

Now to be in control of my own gore fests on set is all that I crave. When I was diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, I was literally forced to experience gore everyday of my life. Literally some days my life is a horror movie because of diabetes. To be in total control of the gore and horror on set is all that my heart desires.

Want to find out more about “Do It”?
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Do It
The Only Thing To Fear

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