Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Purge: Anarchy Review

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Please note my reviews will not criticize or tear down another artist’s hard work/art. My blog reviews are simply my opinion on the film, or the talk/controversies regarding the film. I believe in bringing up the theories, and other’s statements and opinions because it all matters. Horror films are a way for today’s artist to reflect what they’ve perceived in the world personally in any aspect of their life. The spectrum of art and entertainment purposes is so vast, wide, and has a lot of variety. Entertainment is strictly art, entertaining, and nothing more. If your film happens to influence, and or provoke thought or emotion in your audience, your film is a work of art.

The Purge: Anarchy from an entertainment point of view excelled its expectations. I did not dislike the first Purge film as much as others did. However I believe the first film was promoted more as a horror, when the film was a thriller. That disappointment alone was a huge rumor spread. I appreciated the wicked, and twisted characters, and the actual purge event in itself during the first Purge film. I found the idea very fascinating, though I was not entirely satisfied. I wanted to see the chaos outside. And that’s exactly what Anarchy delivered.

First off, the violence was increased immensely for the highly anticipated sequel. The storyline has developed into something even more interesting, inhumane, and twisted. (Sorry No Spoilers Here) The characters of the film were relatable, vulnerable, brave, and even comedic which was a great combination. The actors’ (Grillo, Soul, Ejogo, Gilford, and Sanchez) chemistry on screen worked incredibly well. I also loved the decision of making all the interpersonal conversations between the characters in close up shots.  The stylistic choice was very effective. The close ups and extreme close ups made everything more personal and even more so a reality to the audience.

The main talk and controversy not only over the Anarchy sequel, but the series as a whole is about the religious and political slanders. These messages are either subliminally placed in the film, or extremely direct. The sequel in comparison to the first Purge film was very direct. Yes, statements regarding God, cleansing your soul through killing, and political rights are repeated throughout the film. However that is the point of the Purge. Yes, the film does target certain demographics within the movie. That’s apart of it all. If the Purge were fair, rational, and logical it would not be the Purge. The Purge would not exist.

I do understand the concern of being misunderstood, or even feeing misrepresented. However if you are deeply empathizing with this horror film, this is where I would tell you “ It’s all for entertainment purposes.” The Purge concept and content is very direct, and to the point. Being an audience member, you know what you’re walking in to. You are consciously aware that you are entering chaos, mayhem, and absurdity. The Purge  series are dark thriller films.

The Purge: Anarchy definitely stepped it up a notch or two. If you enjoy action, gore, a little scare here and there, and a twisted time Purge: Anarchy is the movie to see. Go check out Purge: Anarchy now in theaters everywhere.

United We Purge!
The Only Thing To Fear.

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